ABM Counseling Center LLC provides an Intensive Outpatient and Outpatient Substance Abuse Program designed to provide in-depth treatment for individuals experiencing chronic problems with alcohol/drugs and other dependence. The goals of the program are to provide information about the physical, emotional, social, and legal consequences of alcohol consumption and/or drug use and prevent recidivism. Alcoholism or drug addiction is a serious progressive illness that unless treated and arrested, can lead to mental, physical, and emotional pain. The treatment components focus on a recovery program concerned with not just abstinence, but abstinence as a fulfilling, productive way of life. Individual treatment plans based on a face-to-face interview, screening resulake information are conducted to assess what specific issues need to be addressed. Individualized treatment plans will then be developed to address those specific treatment and life area needs pertinent to maintaining recovery, and a sober and healthy lifestyle. Treatment may begin with detox to cleanse the body of harmful substances, followed by either our Intensive Outpatient or Outpatient Program. Services offered are:

Individual Counseling

Relapse Prevention

Individualized Treatment Planning

Court Advocacy

Psycho-educational groups

Court Evaluations

Family Counseling  

12-Step Fellowship Groups

Biopsychosocial Assessments

Family Education Program

Substance Abuse Assessments

Case Management

Anger Management

Alcohol/Drug Screenings

Batterers Intervention Program